Lonza initiated a pharmaceutical early-intermediates supply initiative

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Lonza Pharma & Biotech announced the launch of its pharmaceutical early-intermediates supply initiative. The initiative leverages chemical production facilities at the company’s Visp (Switzerland) site to address increasing global early-intermediates supply security and quality concerns.

Lonza now offers its customers an integrated supply chain from non-GMP early intermediates to cGMP advanced intermediates and APIs. The company will supply ISO-certified early intermediates to customers under customized arrangements in order to simplify supply chains. These arrangements can be based on replacing current sources of non-GMP material, forward processing of basic or specialty chemicals, or back integrating current API supply. The seven ISO-certified plants within the Visp complex provide more than 600m3 of reactor volume and a full range of capabilities across an array of chemical technologies to service customer requirements.

Lonza has a well-established base for chemical synthesis at its Visp site with more than 40 years’ track record in the production of APIs and their intermediates. The Visp infrastructure includes a vast array of development, clinical scale and manufacturing capacity, capabilities and expertise for both small molecules and biologics.

Lonza’s second small-molecule site in Nansha (China) was built and operates to ICH standards for the development and manufacture of APIs, providing additional supply chain capability and flexibility to a global customer base.

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