Founded in 2009, the “GMP News” media project is an online resource designed to review the news of the pharmaceutical industry with a focus on CIS pharmaceutical markets. The main content sources are specialized mass media outlets, press services of pharmaceutical companies, specialized conferences, and exhibitions.

The main objectives of the project:

  • Dissemination of information on the modernization of the pharmaceutical production facilities, high-tech enterprises, and transition to GMP standards.
  • Presenting proposals on the transition to GMP standards, and regarding pharmaceutical production in general.
  • Informational promotion of world experience and development of GMP. Taking part in good corporate image formation of domestic manufacturers performing in compliance with GMP standards.
  • Informational promotion of modern work management systems and practices of efficient pharmaceutical production management.
  • An assistance in organization of in-plant training of personnel of pharmaceutical enterprises
  • Assistance in searching and involving specialists of the pharmaceutical industry to work in modern innovative enterprises.

Print magazine

In autumn of 2010, the first edition of the “GMP news” industry magazine was published. The print edition goes forward with the theme initiated by the online resource and is addressed first and foremost to the professional community, heads of pharmaceutical companies, specialists of the pharmaceutical industry, as well as a wide range of readers, including students of pharmaceutical universities and persons concerned.

Since 2016, Pharmcontract Group of companies is the founder of the “GMP news” magazine. This fact allowed us to increase the circulation and improve the distribution considerably.

In autumn 2017, the English version magazine “CIS GMP news” was launched with the support of Pharmcontract Group of companies and FAVEA. The main goal is to inform readers about the development of Russian pharmaceutical markets, and markets of EAEU and CIS. The English magazine primarily focuses on modernization of manufacturing plants, technology transfer, contract manufacturing, and GMP standards.

English version of the website launched

Since February, 1, 2017 the English version of “GMP News” has been launched, with the main focus on expanding the overall reach of “GMP News” project.