Russian government approved operation model for product labeling system

| By | Drug Marking, Ministry of Industry and Trade, Rostec

Prime Minister of the Russian Federation signed the Order No. 791-r of April 28, 2018, which approved the operation model for the system of labeling products by means of identification in the Russian Federation.

Among other things, the basic principles of the model provide for the following:

  • Identifying each product item by assigning it with unique code
  • Establishing the information system of labeling to store all information generated by all participants of the labeling system during product life cycle
  • Creating a unified catalog of Russian-made products.

The labeling code will be protected by Russian cryptographic technology.

Rostec Corporation will participate in establishing a project office for creating the system of labeling the products by means of identification in Russia.

Russian Ministry of Industry and Trade was designated as coordinator of the system of labeling the products by means of identification. The Ministry of Finance of Russia will be responsible for legal regulation of relations in the area of product labeling. Russian Ministry of Communications will oversight the operation of the information system and activities of its operator.