R-Pharm will supply Viekira Pak to Russian Ministry of Health

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The Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation announced the results of the only one tender for supply of dasabuvir/ombitasvir/paritaprevir/ritonavir, a new drug for hepatitis C. As it was expected, the declared winner was R-Pharm.

It will supply 120.4 thousand packages of Viekira Pak, a drug manufactured by AbbVie, an American company. The price of the contract is 413.6 million rubles. The Ministry of Health will use for this drug about 40% of its total budget allocated to purchase the medicines for hepatitis C (1 billion rubles), which increased almost fourfold (from 240 million rubles) compared to 2017.

Viekira Pak was included in the List of Vital and Essential Drugs (VED List) in September 2017. At the meeting of Vladimir Putin with the business community of Yaroslavl region held in April 2017, VasilyIgnatyev, General Director of R-Pharm, told the Russian President that the company introduced a new drug for hepatitis C to the Russian market and planned to launch two more medicines, after which it would offer the Ministry of Health to purchase these drugs. According to Kremlin website, at that time, the Russian President agreed that it was necessary to use the achievements of R-Pharm, and promised to consider it in the allocation of resources for the needs of health care system in subsequent years.

According to data from the State Drug Registry the substances for Viekira Pak are manufactured at the facilities of AbbVie in Italy, and finished dosage forms are produced in Ireland. In Russia, the drug is packed by Ortat, a company of R-Pharm.