Kazakhstan plans to introduce drug labeling by 2023

| By | Drug Marking, Kazakhstan

Kazakhstan plans to apply a 2D barcode on secondary packaging of drugs. This will allow to track the movement of products, starting from their importation to Kazakhstan and up to the sale in pharmacies or delivering in medical institutions. The tracking system is scheduled for implementation by 2023.

“Once the digitalization is complete, that is, when each drug package will have its own code, we will be able to clearly track where it goes, why it goes there, what are the pharmacies and medical institutions, in which it appears. This will allow us to identify unfair suppliers. It is a global format, we are not inventing anything here, but just trying to keep in step with the times” said Bolat Zhanturiev, Deputy General Director of the National Center for Expertise of Medicines, speaking on the sidelines of a meeting on implementation of the system.

He added that, according to international agencies, including the World Health Organization, the counterfeit products may constitute up to 50% of the drug market in developing countries and from 1% to 10% in Western countries.