Project of EAEU unified goods traceability system was presented to the public

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The unified goods traceability system in the Eurasian Economic Union (EAEU) will provide consumers with access to reliable information about products, allow businesses to reduce their transaction costs, let member states to monitor the payment of taxes, minimize smuggling, and protect consumers.

Goods traceability system is a key initiative of the leaders of states, which will be elaborated in accordance with the Main Areas for Implementation of EAEU Digital Agenda until 2025. It will allow to trace the history of goods from manufacturer to end user.

The establishment of EAEU unified goods traceability system will accelerate free movement of goods, enable up-to-date statistical and analytical reporting, and streamline logistical chains and digital transport infrastructure.

The consumers will get access to complete information about the goods, their availability at the points of sale and prices. They will be able to purchase legal, high quality, and safe products. At the same time, the system will allow to monitor product quality on the consumer side. It will support at least two complementary types of goods traceability:

  • Traceability of labeled goods (this implies the presence of special label, such as, RFID tag or bar code on each item)
  • Documentary traceability of goods (supported by uploading electronic enclosed documents into the system).
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