Wuxi Griffin will give effect to Western GMP standards in its operation

The new company, based in China, Wuxi Griffin Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd., is to operate as an international contract manufacturer of sterile fill pharmaceuticals. It is a western managed joint venture between Sweden and China.

The focus would be to provide sterile fill and finish manufacturing services that meet Western GMP. Very few western contract manufacturers have established their presence in the Chinese market, especially to western quality standards, as mentioned by Torgny Lundgren, CEO of Wuxi Griffin Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd.

“There has been a lack of know-how of how to implement western manufacturing GMP standards in China and this gap is filled by the new plant in Wuxi, China”, told Torgny Lundgren.

China is the second largest market for pharmaceuticals and with the highest growth rate, Western pharmaceutical companies therefore need to be in China to expand.

Products manufactured in the new Wuxi facility include MAbs, vaccine, recombinant proteins as well as biosimilars and small molecule drugs (traditional). RABS and Isolator production technology is used. There is capacity for manufacturing of clinical trials for biologics (small and medium sized batches) as well as commercial manufacturing.

“Complying to global GMP gives us an advantage as the requirements of Chinese customers wanting Western quality products are met. We also assist Western pharmaceutical companies wanting accelerated access to the Chinese market”, said Torgny Lundgren.

SOURCE: prlog.org
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