Two TB vaccines were developed in Russia

| By | Development of Vaccines, WHO

This was announced by the Minister of Health Veronika Skvortsova at the global ministerial conference of the World Health Organization.

“Russia has successfully completed the Phase I clinical trials of a new recombinant booster vaccine for prevention of tuberculosis, which will protect not only children but also adults who were BCG-vaccinated in their childhood,” said Ms. Skvortsova.

She added that the trials confirmed high immunogenicity and safety of this vaccine in building a stable cellular and humoral immunity during its application.

“There are also plans for the clinical trials of a newly developed therapeutic vaccine that allows to reduce the period of TB treatment in animals and prevent reactivation of latent infection form,” said the Minister.

Ms. Skvortsova noted that the first project had already attracted the interest of foreign partners. There were applications from several countries with a request to join the Phase II trials. The Minister said that, if a person received BCG vaccine in the childhood, the new vaccine would help to restore the entire immune memory and protect even in the adulthood.