Russian pharmaceutical market expands by 13.3% in September 2017

| By | DSM Group, Medicinal Drug Prices

According to DSM Group, in September 2017, the volume of commercial market for medicinal products was 59.6 billion rubles. Compared to August 2017, the market capacity increased by 13.3%. This year, the sales increased by 7.6% compared to September 2016.

“The average price of a drug package in the Russian commercial market rose by 4.7% in September 2017 compared to August 2017 and reached 146.4 rubles. According to the Laspeyres index, during the September 2017, the ruble-denominated prices grew by 1.9%. In dollar terms, the price index rose by 6.6%. Overall, since the beginning of 2017, we observed a fall of drug prices in the Russian pharmacies, a 2.4% decline in ruble terms, while the prices in US dollars increased by 7.9%,” said Sergey Shulyak, the expert of pharmaceutical market and General Director of DSM Group.

In September 2017, the structure of commercial drug market by price segments experienced some changes compared to the same period of 2016. The share of drugs with an average package price in the range of 50-150 rubles fell by 0.4% compared to September 2016. The share of drugs within the price range of 150-500 rubles has also declined (49.3% in September 2016 and 47.7% in September 2017). During the month, the share of that price segment increased by 1.8%. In September 2017, the share of expensive drugs (with a price of more than 500 rubles) was 30.7%, which is by 1.9% higher than in the previous year and by 1.4% lower than in August 2017.

In terms of sales value, the top place in the rankings of the companies in September 2017 was held by Bayer, with Novartis coming second, and Sanofi at the third place.