Russian drug labeling system is ready to operate at its full capacity

| By | Drug Marking, Roszdravnadzor

The drug labeling system was finalized in accordance with the functional requirements of the Russian Ministry of Health and Roszdravnadzor. This work took into account the proposals and comments made by the largest organizations in the pharmaceutical industry that were the first participants in the labeling of drugs.

The news was announced to the participants of the 19th All-Russian conference on State Regulation in the Area of Circulation of Medicinal Products and Medical Devices – Pharmaceuticals and Medicines Circulation 2017 by Olga Chepurina, the Head of the Directorate for Control of Goods Circulation at the Federal Tax Service of Russia.

“Currently, the Subsection “Medicinal Products” of the Section “Labeling of Goods” provides all the documents required for connecting to the information system, including the user’s guide for the labeling system, formats of information exchange (xsd schemes), standard scenarios for interaction with the system, passport of business processes specifying the required xsd schemes,” said Olga Chepurina.

The experiment on labeling certain types of medicinal products was launched in February 2017 (in accordance with the Decree of the Government of the Russian Federation No. 62 of January 24, 2017). As for now, 45 organizations and 19 medicinal products are registered in the labeling system and more than 420 thousand packages of drugs are labeled. The labeled medicines are already available in pharmacies.