Belarus implements quality control system for pharmaceutical inspectorate

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The system was developed by joint efforts of employees of the Division of Pharmaceutical Inspectorate of the Ministry of Health and the Department of Good Pharmaceutical Practices of RUE Center for Expert Reviews and Tests in Health Care, as well as by the international experts of EU funded project.

They prepared all required documentation, including the Quality Control Guidance of Pharmaceutical Inspectorate and standard operating procedures that meet the requirements of PIC/S.

“The quality control system of pharmaceutical inspectorate is important primarily for the consistency between the procedures used in GMP inspections by the national pharmaceutical inspectorate and international inspectorates in order to allow their mutual recognition and ensuring confidence in their results,” said Lyudmila Reutskaya, the Head of the Department of Pharmaceutical Inspectorate and Organization of Drug Provision of the Ministry of Health.

The EU provides technical assistance to the Ministry of Health under the project on International Accreditation of Testing Laboratories for Medicinal Products of BELMED, which is designed to strengthen the capacity of Belarusian laboratory service for quality control of medicinal products, pharmaceutical inspectorate, and ensure the subsequent accession to PIC/S.

“Despite the obvious benefits for the pharmaceutical industry, which we will receive when, as I hope, we will join PIC/S, our primary objective is to protect the health and lives of our citizens by providing high-quality pharmaceutical products,” said Lyudmila Reutskaya.