New facility of Infamed K will produce up to 10 tons of pharmaceutical substances

The construction of additional workshop for pharmaceutical substances is in full swing at the city of Bagrationovsk, Kaliningrad region. Pharmcontract Group acts as the general contractor for a comprehensive range of turnkey works commissioned by INFAMED K LLC.

Considering the need of Infamed K for a high performance production area for the synthesis of substances, as well as the intention to synthesize not only its own products but also act as a contract site for foreign colleagues, the distribution unit of the leading Russian chemical and pharmaceutical holding company selected the optimal option for installing high-tech equipment that was manufactured in Switzerland, Germany, and Italy and allows to synthesize a wide range of substances, including those on a contract basis, in the amount of about 10 tons a year. The entire set of works is scheduled for completion in 2018.

The investor and general contractor also plan to work on organizing a Class “A” pharmaceutical warehouse with the capacity to store 10 thousand tons of products in accordance with GDP.

As a result, the establishment of such production area to synthesize the Russian-made pharmaceutical substances will contribute to ensuring the national drug provision security and reduce the risks associated with the use of cheaper products that sometimes are not appropriate for addressing specific problems.

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