Hetero Labs Ltd. comes from India to Tula region


A new plant to manufacture the substance for AIDS drugs and oncological medicines will appear in the Tula region on the premises of Sintvita, a currently non-functioning pharmaceutical enterprise. The investments in a new production facility are planned by Hetero Labs Ltd., a major Indian pharmaceutical company.

On July 5, the details of cooperation between the company and the government of the Tula region were discussed in the regional development corporation. The Indian company is the world’s largest producer of AIDS and cancer drugs collaborating with the global health organizations, including WHO. Five years ago, the company invested more than $60 million in a production facility in Moscow.

At the meeting, the representative of the company said that they had examined the production site in the Kireevsky district and decided to purchase it. At the same time, the foreign investor expects support from the regional government, including the relaxation of taxes and provision of preferential loans. The Deputy Governor Vyacheslav Fedorishchev said that, in June, Alexey Dyumin had talks with CEO of the company at St. Petersburg Forum. At that time, the Indian colleagues showed interest in the Tula region and its investment potential.