Vaccine manufacturing plant will be built in Kyrgyzstan

| By | Pharmaceutical Manufacturing, Vaccine Production

A plant to manufacture vaccines and diagnostic sets for animals from Russian raw materials will be built near the city of Tokmak in the north of the Kyrgyz Republic. This was announced at a meeting held by the Fund for Infrastructure and Educational Programs.

The infectious diseases of livestock, especially foot-and-mouth disease, remain one of the most serious threats for Russia and the countries of Central Asia. To address this problem, since June 2016, the Fund participates in a joint project to build a plant in Kyrgyzstan to manufacture foot-and-mouth disease vaccines from a bulk product made by the Russian Federal Centre for Animal Health. The design capacity of the future plant is 30 million dosage units per year.

Under the agreement with the State Material Reserves Fund under the Government of the Kyrgyz Republic, the plant was allocated the territory of former flour mill with a surface area of more than 8 hectares. The terms of reference will be prepared in July, which will allow to start designing the future plant. The construction of the plant is expected to begin in October.