Russia develops mechanisms to reduce antiretroviral drugs prices



The Chairman of the Government of the Russian Federation signed a document approving the state strategy to prevent spread of HIV infection in the Russian Federation for the period until 2020 and beyond.

The state strategy is aimed at increasing the coverage of population by medical screening for HIV infection and antiretroviral therapy, and raising the awareness of public about HIV infection. In particular, the plan for implementing the Strategy suggests a comprehensive interdisciplinary approach to the medical care for patients infected with the human immunodeficiency virus, development and implementation of procedures for social adaptation, rehabilitation, and social assistance to patients infected with the human immunodeficiency virus.

The decree approved the plan for implementing the Strategy, which has seven sections and includes 34 measures.

In particular, it stipulates the implementation of effective mechanisms to reduce prices for antiretroviral medicinal products, such as

  • the improvement of state regulation of prices of medicinal products for human use included in the list of vital and essential drugs;
  • studying the issue of priority state registration of antiretroviral drugs.

The deadline for implementing these measures is set for Q3 2017.