NovaMedica opens a new technology center


NovaMedica, a Russian pharmaceutical company, opened a technology center for development and pilot production of innovative medicinal products. It includes a set of research laboratories and production sites with technological capabilities that are unique for the Russian pharmaceutical industry and are among the best in Europe. The key task of Technology Center is the development of complex medicinal products of various pharmaco-therapeutic groups for oral administration.

R&D laboratories of the Technology Center, that were put in operation at the end of 2016, are already working on five projects under NovaMedica’s own R&D program. Another four projects will start during the year. These are the medicines with innovative delivery systems of active substance that change the bioavailability of drugs and allow to combine previously incompatible substances within a single dose. As a result, the developed drugs will have new administration capabilities and fundamentally surpass many existing analogs in terms of efficiency and safety.

The investments in the center located at the Technopolis Moscow amounted to 945 million rubles. The center’s capabilities allow to conduct 15-20 research projects and manufacture up to 40 million units of products a year on its premises. The innovative designs will be patented and promoted not only in Russia but also in international markets.