Researchers in Saratov State University developed capsule technology


The researchers of Remote Controlled Theranostic Systems Lab in Saratov State University developed a technique that allows to visualize the systems for delivery of drugs and biosensors.

The laboratory was established using a 90 million ruble grant from the Government of the Russian Federation and with the support of classical university. The essence of the project is the creation of a nanocomposite capsule for targeted delivery of drugs to the cell and diagnosis of body condition.

“Now we know how to ‘see’ our microcapsule and found ways to deliver it to the right place,” said Doctor of Chemical Sciences, Professor Dmitry Gorin, the Deputy Head of the Lab. “In order to move the microcapsule through the body, we had to mark it somehow and make it visible. This is achieved by introducing a nanoparticle of magnetite into the polymeric shell of microcapsules in order to serve as a contrasting agent. When microcapsule enters the cell and completes its ‘mission’, it starts to degrade and changes its contrast. We understood and proved that it is possible to use the method of magnetic resonance imaging to actively control the delivery.”