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Sanofi conducted the China Health Road Symposium in Shanghai

Sanofi held the China Health Road Symposium in Shanghai (China) during the first edition of China International Import Expo (CIIE) exhibition that was conducted for five days

Finnish e-prescriptions to become valid in Estonia

Finnish e-prescriptions are to become valid in Estonia in December 2018; it will take a little longer for Estonian e-prescriptions to become valid in Finland.

WHO delivered over 500 tons of medicines and medical supplies to Yemen

The World Health Organization airlifted over 500 tons of essential medicines and medical supplies to Sana’a airport in Yemen, to be distributed to affected governorates.

Kyrgyzstan plans to change provision, pricing and circulation of medicines

The Ministry of Health of Kyrgyzstan developed a draft of the new Kyrgyzstan State Program for the Protection of Public Health and Development of the Health Care System "Healthy Person - Prosperous Country".

Scandal over low-quality vaccines flares out in China

The Jilin Food and Drug Administration revealed on its website that the second-largest drug manufacturer - Changchun Changsheng Life Sciences, in China provided defective vaccines for newborns.

Kazakhstan’s Single Distributor will switch to e-procurement of medicines

The Minister of Health of Kazakhstan spoke about the issues related to provision of medicines to the people of Kazakhstan, including public procurement of medicinal products by the single distributor.

Novartis is involved in Greek bribe scandal

Greece's parliament has linked ten prominent politicians to a bribery scandal involving Swiss healthcare company Novartis. The Greek parliament announced on Tuesday the results of a judicial investiga...

A project on blockchain-based provision of drugs will be launched in Novgorod

Vnesheconombank and the Novgorod region are launching a joint pilot project to establish a system for monitoring the provision of drugs

UAE Ministry of Health made an agreement with Roche

The Ministry of Health and Prevention of UAE, has signed an agreement with Roche Pharmaceutical Company

Health Ministry of UAE and Pfizer signed an agreement

UAE’s Ministry of Health and Prevention (MOHAP) recently signed an agreement with Pfizer for a strategic inventory of medicines in Abu Dhabi.

BIOCAD wins tender for the supply of Trastuzumab to Syria

This is the first tender which BIOCAD has won in Syria.

Novartis made an agreement with Pakistan government

According to the agreement signed by Prime Minister’s National Health Program Director Dr Faisal Rifaq and Novartis CEO Shahab Rizvi, the Health Ministry and Novartis will collaborate in the Novartis ...

The Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation is developing a new system

The Ministry of Health plans to launch a program of free medicine assistance in Russia for the citizens with compulsory health insurance (CHI) policies. It's referred to the system of drug reimburseme...