Nanolek Expanding to CIS Countries Markets

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The Nanolek Company enters the markets of the CIS countries by registering three retail drugs against allergies and for the treatment of cardiovascular diseases in Azerbaijan. There, the company hopes to occupy 30% of the market for relevant drugs, and then – enter public procurement sector in Uzbekistan and Belarus.

The company explained that it registered in Azerbaijan the antiallergenic drug desloratadine under the Nalorius brand, as well as ramipril (Ramipril-Nanolek) and nebivolol (Nebivolol-Nanolek) used for the treatment of cardiovascular diseases. Deliveries are scheduled to begin this year; their total volume in 2019 can reach 50 thousand packages, and up to 110 thousand packages in 2020.

Nanolek noted that analogues of all these three drugs are already on the Azerbaijani market, but the cost of the company’s drugs will be 10-15% lower. Due to this, in 2020, the manufacturer intends to occupy at least 30% of the local market of drugs for the treatment of relevant diseases.

Nanolek admits that Azerbaijan’s market will account for less than 1% of the company’s total sales, since the bulk of the turnover comes from vaccines and drugs supplied under state programs in Russia.

The medicines registered in Azerbaijan will be sold in pharmacy retail. At the same time, the manufacturer is preparing to enter the foreign segment of public procurement. So, in 2019, Nanolek will deliver to Kazakhstan its drug Hunterase (idursulfase beta).

Nanolek said that in 2020 they also plan to enter public procurements sector in Uzbekistan and Belarus.

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