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Pharma Technology S.A (PT) is a global leader in tablet and capsule handling equipment. For more than 25 years, we have been developing and manufacturing dedusters, polishers, metal detecting devices, loading and testing systems for pharmaceutical manufacturing lines.

In recent years, rising demand for tablets and capsules with highly potent ingredients has driven us to consider the need for efficient containment solutions. Our key focus is ensuring product quality and maximum safety for operator, while guaranteeing compliance with the new industry regulations. For this purpose, we’ve developed a new generation of innovative tablet dedusters (iSeries) and capsule polishers (iCaps); both equipment available in Dust-Tight “DT”, Containment “C” OEB3-4 and Hi-Containment “HC” OEB5 washable, SMEPAC tested.

Along the same lines, our latest generation of tablet/capsule testing equipment, has been

designed to meet today’s containment challenge. Available in dust-tight or containment version, this new IPC Tester can be integrated to most presses. Tablets are automatically sampled from the production line at regular intervals, conveyed through a flexible hose to the tester via vacuum and test results transferred in real time. This real-time testing enables the press to automatically adjust the settings, insuring quality, preventing loss of production and requiring minimal operator involvement. This new tester design, which includes a clear separation between product area and mechanical/electrical parts, increases safety during maintenance operations. All parts are accessible and easily disassembled without the use of tools, making the system extremely easy to service and maintain.

Stronger than ever, we’ll continue to advance the technology and provide our customers with high-tech equipment. Any machine or service provided by Pharma Technology comes with available engineering and maintenance services to ensure successful factory integration and continued product performance.

For any kind of information regarding our product lines, feel free to contact our exclusive distributor for Russia: SolidPharma.



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