Grindeks and the Institute of Organic Synthesis of Latvia to develop a new drug

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The agreement on cooperation between the pharmaceutical company Grindeks and the Latvian Institute of Organic Synthesis is related to work on a new drug. Osvald Pugovich, Director of the Institute told this in an interview with Latvijas Radio.

“Working together, we hope to improve a new cardioprotective drug, which was developed five years ago at the Institute of Organic Synthesis. Then Grindeks improved it, and now the company has reached clinical trials. The moment has come when we must discuss and set the principles for further cooperation,” Mrs. Pugovich explained.

He noted that in Latvia for the first time since the restoration of independence a substance was obtained that reached clinical trials. In connection with this, new challenges arose.

“This agreement is required to enhance trust in our relationship and we could work together,” added Mrs. Pugovich.

The Agreement will enable scientists to make proposals on the development of a new medicine. For example, during clinical trials, they will be able to recommend areas for the research that Grindeks will conduct.

The Director of the Institute noted – “if everything goes well”, then a new medication will appear on the shelves of pharmacies in four years.

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