Russian-Japanese cooperation results in a project between R-Pharm and Mitsui

| By | Mitsui, R-Pharm

As part of the Russian-Japanese cross-year, the preliminary results have been reported for the activities implemented under the 8-point plan adopted in May 2016 during the meeting of Russian President Vladimir Putin with Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe.

The plan covers a wide range of activities from economy to culture and, in particular, the development of collaboration in the area of health care. This is where R-Pharm and Mitsui & Co., Ltd. organized their joint project.

R-Pharm will use the potential of Mitsui to expand its technological capabilities and export areas, and the joint activities will help to introduce the most advanced medicinal products into the Russian market more efficiently.

“We consider Russian pharmaceutical market to be extremely attractive in many ways. We expect a steady increase in the demand for high-quality medicinal products, especially those designed for the treatment of oncological diseases, diabetes, and other diseases that severely affect the quality of life of patients. Mitsui will continue to support the efforts of R-Pharm to introduce innovative drugs into the Russian market and will contribute to improving the health of Russian people,” said Masanobu Suzuki, General Manager of Pharmaceutical Business Division at Mitsui.