Roivant launches new biopharma company and creates two business units

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Roivant announced the creation of two new business units, Roivant Pharma and Roivant Health, to focus its efforts on accelerating the launch of new innovative healthcare companies, including Vants oriented around earlier-stage scientific platforms.

Roivant also announced the launch of Altavant Sciences, a new biopharmaceutical company in the Roivant family. Altavant will apply drug development approaches developed at Roivant to promising investigational therapies spanning multiple therapeutic areas beginning with RVT-1201, a potential treatment for pulmonary arterial hypertension and other indications.

As part of this strategy, Roivant intends to make increased investments in fostering greater employee mobility across its family of companies (its subsidiaries, ‘Vants’). Select members of Roivant’s staff have transitioned to existing Vants to further the advancement of their pipelines and ensure greater organizational autonomy. As part of this change, there was a reduction in headcount of less than ten percent of all employees across the Roivant family, most of whom were in central support functions including accounting, HR, and IT. Roivant has worked with the Vants toward a smooth transition of employees and services.

The Roivant family of companies includes Myovant (women’s health), Axovant (neurology), Urovant (urology), Enzyvant (rare diseases), Dermavant (dermatology), Genevant (RNA therapeutics), Metavant (cardiometabolic diseases), Altavant (next-generation drug development), Datavant (healthcare data), and Arbutus (hepatitis B). Today there are 25 investigational drugs in 11 therapeutic areas being tested in over 50 clinical trials across the Roivant family of companies.

Roivant Sciences is a global biopharmaceutical company focused on completing the development of promising late-stage drug candidates.

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