Eyliton will produce 4 million UNIVAC tubes per month

| By | Dubna, Medical Devices Manufacturing

Eyliton, a resident of Dubna Special Economic Zone (SEZ), launched a unique automated production line for all modifications of UNIVAC vacuum tubes for venous blood collection.

New production line for vacuum tubes was designed by an Italian manufacturer under the order of Eyliton (part of UNIMED Group), with the active involvement of specialists from R&D Department of the Russian company. Modern automated line meets all international standards.

New equipment is capable of manufacturing up to 4 million tubes a month, or about 50 million units of medical products per year. Today, this resident of Dubna SEZ can fully meet the needs of Moscow region’s health care system in vacuum tubes.

As a developer and manufacturer of equipment and consumables for clinical laboratory diagnostics, Eyliton has great plans for further development of the company. In addition to vacuum tubes, by the end of this year, it expects to start manufacturing special venous blood collection needles.

Eyliton is developing rapidly. Today, this resident of SEZ sells its products across Russia. The company has its own loyal large customers and continues to acquire new clients. So far, this includes only the Russian market. But the issue of bringing innovative medical products to the CIS and other markets is already on the agenda.

SOURCE: gmpnews.ru
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