Bioengineering and Biomedicine program opens under the BIOCAD’s patronage

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A new Bioengineering and Biomedicine Master’s program opens under the patronage of BIOCAD, a biotech company, in Saint-Petersburg State Chemical Pharmaceutical University of the Russian Ministry of Health. First year 15 students will be enrolled.

Earlier, the company initiated the opening of Recombinant Protein Technology Department, which successfully works in Saint-Petersburg State Chemical Pharmaceutical University since 2012.

New Master’s program will allow students to acquire knowledge of modern biotechnology methods, search and development of drugs based on monoclonal antibodies and drugs for gene therapy, increasing role of computer science in the development process, high-performance molecular modeling, big data analysis, hybrid technology, automation, robotics, and much more. According to Alexander Karabelsky, Director of Advanced Research Department at BIOCAD who heads the new Master’s program, training of new talent for the pharmaceutical industry requires today to deeply understand real-life challenges in the creation of innovative knowledge-intensive drugs.

Such insights come only with practice,” said Alexander Karabelsky. “Our program allows students not only to gain knowledge of latest discoveries and current research in this area, but also to become involved in real-life research projects from the start of their classes in September. In addition, BIOCAD experiences acute need in this type of specialists. I should admit that, in the coming years, we will need at least 10-15 bioengineers who know both chemistry and biology, and can work both in research projects using high-precision and productive equipment and at pilot production sites, while having the management skills and understanding of relationships in biotech processes.”

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