Mexico is testing efficiency of Russian silver-based drug

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A new silver-based drug developed in Tomsk Polytechnic University and capable of killing bacteria and viruses is being tested in Mexico. This was announced by Cesar Alejandro Hernandez Almonasi, a doctor of Integral Care Center (Mexico City).

“I am using the Russian drug in Mexico for more than 10 years and, over this time, we treated more than 100 patients with diabetic foot syndrome. As a rule, my patients are poor people in advanced stages of disease. For such patients, the lethal outcome is quite common. In most other cases, they can expect the leg amputation. However, this drug demonstrated a remarkable efficacy. Over the period, we actually did not lose even a single patient and did not amputate a single limb when a patient had timely come to see us. At this point, there are plans for clinical trials of the drug in Mexico,” said the doctor.

The new drug can be used simultaneously with other medicines. In some cases, Mexican doctors have observed a synergistic effect (mutual enhancement).

Alexey Pestryakov, a professor of Tomsk Polytechnic University and one of the drug developers, explained that the healing power of silver was known since ancient times. However, this applied to its ionic form, which affects only bacteria, while about 80% of infectious diseases today are caused by viruses rather than bacteria.

He said that the scientists have been developing a silver-based drug for several years. In the 1990s, a team of researchers from Novosibirsk began to work on a drug for the treatment of diabetic foot syndrome. In early 2000s, the scientific team of Pestryakov joined them. A triumvirate of Tomsk, Novosibirsk, and Mexico City that emerged over time is still at the core of this research project.