VERTEX increased its output of Russian medicines by 30%

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VERTEX published its official results for 2017. The pharmaceutical company demonstrated growth in four areas, including the output, number of pharmacies selling its products, product range, and revenue.

Good performance helps to improve the availability of Russian medicines in the pharmaceutical retail. In 2017, the output and revenue grew by about 30% and exceeded 6.5 billion rubles, including VAT. More than 5.5 billion rubles of this amount comes from medicines. In 2016, the revenue grew by 25%; in 2015, by 30%.

In 2017, the number of pharmacies selling the range of VERTEX products increased by 5000. Therefore, the current number of pharmacies selling the company’s products in Russia exceeds 55,000. Some products of the company are also sold in Kazakhstan and Belarus.

Since 2017, the portfolio of the manufacturer includes two unique original combined drugs for dermatology and gynecology. Overall, the number of product items in 2017 increased by 30, including 20 medicines and 10 cosmetic brand products. More than 100 drugs, including original and generic drugs, are at the stage of development and registration. Currently, the product range of the company has more than 220 item, including 160 medicines, as well as cosmetic brand products and dietary supplements.

“The growth of output, expansion of sales outlet coverage and the range of effective medicines improve the availability of Russian medicines to consumers,” said Georgy Pobelyanski, General Director of VERTEX JSC. “Half of the company’s drug portfolio (more than 80 items) are vital and essential drugs (included in the VED List). This also underscores great social importance of company’s activities.”

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