Pharma-2030 will be set around development of substance manufacturing in Russia

According to Alexey Alekhin, Director of the Department of Pharmaceutical and Medical Industry Development of the Ministry of Industry and Trade of Russia, Pharma-2030 Strategy should, first of all, consolidate the results achieved so far in the development of pharmaceutical industry.

The Russian pharmaceutical industry shows impressive results. As of January 1, 2018, Russian manufacturers registered 468 international nonproprietary names (INNs), or 84.2% of the total number of registered drugs. At the same time, the new strategy will be elaborated in a way to facilitate the development and manufacturing of substances in Russia.

“The elaboration and substantiation of clear priorities for the development of industry is the most pressing issue, which needs to be addressed in order to develop financial mechanisms for implementing the new strategy,” said Alexey Alekhin.

In this regard, the Russian Ministry of Industry and Trade faces a difficult task of considering the interests of all numerous stakeholders, including scientists, manufacturers, patients, regulators, and venture investors. For example, the scientific community demands to pay attention to the development of drugs for the treatment of orphan diseases, because the traditional boundaries of what is an orphan disease have expanded with the development of diagnostic methods. There is a segmentation of diseases (such as diabetes) which, traditionally, were considered within one or two therapeutic protocols. All these changes require an individual approach to treatment, including the development of personalized medicine, while maintaining the growth pace in the mass manufacturing of medicinal products. This will be also incorporated into the principles of new Strategy.

There is also an emerging new trend towards the manufacturing of innovative products based on original Russian R&Ds. According to Alexey Alekhin, it is necessary to focus on the search for new molecular targets and chemical compounds that could become the potential drugs affecting these targets. The search for new molecules requires to screen active substances, including those obtained from natural sources.