Russian Ministry of Industry and Trade mentions the great potential of Rosatom

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Rosatom State Corporation has the capacity for developing the medical part of its activities. This opinion was expressed by Sergey Tsyb, the Deputy Minister of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation.

“Rosatom State Corporation has all capabilities to actively develop the medical area in the future and actively position itself, given that in this case it should take into account more than just the Russian market. The Russian market is not that big (in terms of implementing the projects in this area), because usually these projects are all capital-intensive,” said Mr. Tsyb.

Mr. Tsyb added that the Russian market could become the driver in this area but, initially, all projects have to be focused on exports.

“This also fits into the strategy of Rosatom, which actively positions itself in international markets and other industrial segments, when it comes to establishing the nuclear power industry in general”

The Deputy Minister noted that the state program provided funding for individual projects on preclinical and clinical studies and development of medicinal products.

“In this area, we have more than 20 projects with a total funding of about 1 billion rubles,” he said.