Pharmasyntez completed another stage in modernization of its Irkutsk plant

| By | Pharmaceutical Manufacturing, Pharmasynthez

The scheduled works on modernizing the granulation lines at the workshop No. 2 for solid dosage forms in the Irkutsk plant of Pharmasyntez were completed in January 2018.

The workshop now has the new high-tech equipment made in Italy and featuring all advanced automation and quality control tools. This new equipment not only meets the international standards and GMP and FDA requirements, but it also stands out for its reliability and ergonomics.

The modernization raised the overall productivity of lines to more than 2000 kg/day. It reduced the amount of manual labor and minimized the product losses.

The company upgrades its equipment on a scheduled basis. It views this as the foundation not only for the quality of products, but also for reduction of their cost.