In 2017 Nanolek demonstrates the first results of its active market development

| By | Nanolek, Vaccine Production

In 2017, the revenue of Nanolek LLC reached 2.6 billion rubles, which is a 3-fold increase compared to 2016. The output of medicinal products at the Nanolek plant in the Kirov region amounted to 8.1 million packages (a 20% increase).

The company started the full cycle manufacturing of inactivated polio vaccine and supplied 1.5 million doses for the needs of the National Immunization Calendar. It also continues a phased transfer of technology for manufacturing a five-component vaccine developed by Sanofi Pasteur.

In order to expand the manufacturing of solid dosage forms, Nonolek launched two additional production lines, which more than doubled its production capacity. The total design capacity of all production lines for manufacturing the solid dosage forms is 3 billion tablets a year. In 2018, the company expects that manufacturing of its own and contract drugs will reach 30 million packages.

Vladimir Khristenko, the President of Nanolek said, “a large part of the projects we have worked on over the last 5 years, began to bear fruit in 2017. This is related to the readiness of production facilities, as we were gradually launching and loading the manufacturing areas for solid dosage forms and biologicals. It is also related to the market needs and even the needs of entire Russia in our products. In 2018, the company plans to strengthen its positions in the selected areas, including the vaccines, drugs for the treatment of orphan diseases and antiretroviral therapy. The total investments in 2018 will be more than 350 million rubles.”

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