Next-generation antitumor agent was developed in Saratov

| By | Cancer Drugs, Drug Development

The scientists from Saratov State Medical University named after V. I. Razumovsky have developed a unique formulation for the treatment of oncological diseases.

“The formulation contains a poisonous plant extract, but it kills only the tumor cells,” said Vladimir Komarov, the spokesman of the Ministry of Industry and Energy of Saratov region.

“The scientists from Saratov have developed the next-generation antitumor formulation based on the extract of Gratiola officinalis, a poisonous herbaceous plant widespread in Eurasia and North America. The formulation can force the cancer cells to die “voluntarily” through apoptosis [a regulated process of programmed cell death], without side effects for the body as a whole,” added Mr. Komarov.

He stressed that, although the main component of the extract is poisonous, the formulation itself proved to be non-toxic and safe during the experiments on animals. Its introduction into clinical practice may fundamentally change the situation in the area of prevention and comprehensive therapy of oncological and infectious diseases, in particular, the tuberculosis, said Mr. Komarov.

“All over the world, the efforts are underway to develop safe but highly effective medicinal products for the treatment of oncological diseases. However, so far, such agents are not used in clinical practice in Russia or abroad. The scientists from Saratov already received eight patents, and two more are at the stage of expert examination in Rospatent,” he said.