Veterinary drugs manufacturers in EAEU are exempted from additional control

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The Board of the Eurasian Economic Commission (EEC) decided that the companies of EAEU countries involved in the manufacturing and storage of medicines for animals should not be included in the Union’s Register of organizations and individuals engaged in manufacturing, processing and/or storage of goods transported from the territory of one member state to the territory of another member state.

The discussion of this issue revealed a different interpretation of the Union’s laws by the member states. For example, Belarus and Kazakhstan included such companies in their national parts of the register, while Armenia, Kyrgyzstan, and Russia did not. Accordingly, in the first two countries, the veterinary authorities had the right to inspect such companies but, in the three other states, there were no such inspections.

The Board brought the attention of the parties to the fact that the Regulation on the unified procedure of joint inspections of facilities and sampling of goods (products) that are subject to veterinary control (supervision) does not provide for inspections of the companies engaged in the manufacturing, transportation and storage of medicines for animal use.

The experts of the Union members believe that this decision will have a positive impact on the activities of businesses, primarily, in Belarus and Kazakhstan, where they will be exempted from additional control.

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