Shvabe supplied perinatal centers with equipment worth 2 billion rubles

| By | Medical Equipment, Shvabe

This year, the perinatal centers in 30 Russian regions received 2-billion-ruble worth of advanced medical equipment manufactured by Shvabe. This was announced by Ivan Ozhgikhin, the Deputy General Director of the holding company.

He said that, today, the company supplies the equipment to more than 90 countries, and the geography of these supplies is expanding every year. At the same time, the deliveries within Russia are also growing steadily.

Shvabe participates in providing the medical equipment to perinatal centers. The clinics are receiving the advanced medical equipment manufactured by the holding company. In particular, this includes MAIA-01, a device for inhalation anesthesia which is unique in Russia. It allows to control the ventilation and implement respiratory anesthesia with all modern types of liquid and volatile anesthetics. Using xenon as an anesthetic significantly reduces the time of recovering from the anesthesia and helps to avoid the drops in the blood pressure. The supplied artificial ventilation and respiratory support device is used in the care for premature babies with body weight from 500 grams.

The perinatal centers are also supplied with incubators manufactured by Shvabe, such as IDN-03 for the assistance to newborns with extremely low body weight of 500 grams. It features the capability to monitor the temperature, oxygen concentration, humidity, body temperature and weight of the newborn.