GE opens manufacturing medical diagnostic equipment in the Moscow region

| By | GE Healthcare, Medical Devices Manufacturing

On December 21, GE Healthcare opened a new facility for manufacturing high-tech medical diagnostic equipment in the Moscow region to provide the Russian public with access to high-quality health care.

The production site, which was opened in partnership with MTL JSC, will manufacture the latest models of GE CT scanners and ultrasound systems that have no Russian analogs in the relevant segments.

The new facility will significantly expand the range and increase the production output of GE Healthcare equipment manufactured in Russia. Since 2009, GE Healthcare was manufacturing the medical equipment on the premises of MTL JSC plant in Moscow. During this time, the companies have supplied about 500 CT scanners and ultrasound systems localized in Russia to the medical institutions in various Russian regions.

The localization of GE Healthcare products is in line with the objectives set out in the Development of Health Care, a state program of the Russian Federation, and will help to meet the growing demand in high-precision and effective diagnosis technology by providing the world-class equipment to Russian doctors in private and public clinics.

The production capacity of the enterprise will reach up to 600 units of equipment a year and may be increased in the future. The first equipment is scheduled to arrive in hospitals and clinics of the Moscow region as early as before the end of this year.

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