Slovakia is interested in the presence of Belarusian drugs on the European market

| By | Belarus, Pharmaceutical Industry

Slovakia wants to promote the Belarusian medicines in the European market. This was announced by the Slovak Minister of Health Tomáš Drucker at the meeting with Deputy Chairman of the Vitebsk Region Executive Committee Vladimir Belous.

“We are interested in the presence of Belarusian medicines on the European market and will do everything possible to make this happen,” said Tomáš Drucker.

He outlined the importance of joint projects in the area of medicine that are implemented at Nativita JLLC in Beshenkovichi.

“This cooperation is very important for improving the mutual competitiveness of Belarus and Slovakia compared to larger countries. Joint projects in research, education and other areas can be successful as well,” added the Minister.

He said that the constructive dialog at the meeting held on November 14 in Minsk reflected the interest in deepening this cooperation.

The delegation of Slovakia, which is visiting the Vitebsk region, also includes Jozef Migaš, the Ambassador of Slovakia in Belarus; Stefan Zelnik, the Chairman of the Health Committee of the National Council; representatives of the Health Committee of the National Council, Department of International Relations and European Affairs, Pharmaceuticals and Drug Policy Section and other units of the Ministry of Health.