Kaluga Pharmaceutical Cluster received silver certificate of Cluster Excellence

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In the period of October 24 – 26, 2017, the Association of Kaluga Pharmaceutical Cluster passed the procedure of the on-site audit conducted by the experts of the European Secretariat for Cluster Analysis.

The procedure included the evaluation of the cluster management system and core activities  using 30 indicators in accordance with the methodology of the European Cluster Excellence Initiative. The assessment score of the Association of Kaluga Pharmaceutical Cluster performance for more than 70% of these indicators have significantly exceeded the required values. This confirmed the highest level of the cluster management system and compliance of activities with the best international practices.

Irina Novikova, the Executive Director of the Association of Kaluga Pharmaceutical Cluster, said, “For us, the successful completion of the on-site audit procedure was an important stage in the development and the result of systematic work of the cluster management team. During the preparation of required documents and the audit procedure, we received the full support of cluster participants and felt their interest in improving the cluster performance. This demonstrates that we have chosen the right way of collaboration and cooperation with the participants. The “silver” level of certification not only confirms the existence of the cluster management system, but it shows its high level, first of all, to our foreign partners.”

According to Ivan Glushkov, the Chairman of the Board at the Association of Kaluga Pharmaceutical Cluster, the “silver” certificate of Kaluga Pharmaceutical Cluster, which is the ninth in Europe (among pharmaceutical/medical clusters) and the first in Russia, is the result of efforts made by the team of the cluster, which would not have been as effective without the support from the Administration of Kaluga region.

SOURCE: gmpnews.ru
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