IIDF invests 195 million rubles in technologies for the treatment of tuberculosis

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The Internet Initiatives Development Fund (IIDF) will invest 195 million rubles in Personal Medication & Health Management company. The project is at the intersection of hardware, Internet of Things and Digital Health.

The product of the company is the inhaler, that reduces by dozens of times the side effects of drugs used for the treatment of tuberculosis, cancer, and HIV, and a telemedicine platform that allows doctors to monitor the health of their patients. After the deal, the share of IIDF in Personal Medication & Health Management will be 35%.

The inhaler is an in-house design of the company, which is scheduled for production in three forms, including a stationary inhaler, home-use inhaler, and a personal inhaler. The new method of treatment lowers the dose of active substance, thereby reducing the side effects of drugs by dozens of times. The technology will be used for the treatment of various nosologies but, initially, the company is working on the methodology for the treatment of tuberculosis. The inhaler reduces the dose of the drug by 10-100 times, thus, lowering the human body burden of toxic and allergic substances associated with the treatment and facilitating quick recovery.

The company conducted preclinical testing on 5 drugs against tuberculosis. This demonstrated that, to achieve full recovery, the doses of active substances used in various drugs can be reduced by 10-100 times, depending on the bioavailability of the drug in oral administration. The inhaler releases the aerosol particles of 10-200 nanometers with controlled minimum amount of the active substance.