A herbal medication for treatment of psychotic disorders was developed in Tomsk

The scientists at the Research Institute of Pharmacology of the Tomsk National Research Medical Center have developed a medication for the treatment of psychotic disorders based on hedysarum species plants, which is safer compared to currently used synthetic antipsychotics.

“The active substance was isolated from a hedysarum species plant grown in Siberia. Just like well-known antipsychotics, our medication targets the receptors for dopamine. But, unlike them, it does not cause depression of the nervous system that leads to apathy, decreased mental alertness and drowsiness in patients,” said Yuliya Fedorova, a lab researcher at the Research Institute of Pharmacology.

The scientists have been working on the drug since 2008. This year, they received a grant from the Foundation for the Promotion of Innovation and are currently preparing to defend their project in SKOLKOVO Foundation. In case of success, the support from SKOLKOVO Foundation will allow to start the clinical trials.

“Our medication will help in the treatment of schizophrenia and other psychotic states. The clinical trials will show how effective is the new drug compared to existing medicines, but we expect it to become a primary therapy drug,” said Yuliya Fedorova.