Sotex launches Russian-made medicines onto European market

The production facility of Sotex, which is the core of the PROTEK Group manufacturing segment, received the European GMP certificate, expanding the capabilities of the company for global exports.

The acquisition of the Czech registration certificate on October 11, 2017, allowing to export the Russian-made medicinal products to the European Union, was the first step towards the expansion on the European market. The first supplies of the drugs from rheumatologic portfolio of the company are scheduled for early 2018. In addition,  several Sotex medicines are currently being considered for approval in 7 countries.

Sotex was one of the first companies to grow its exports and made gaining entry to the foreign markets a part of its strategy. The company started its export business in 2009 and, today, Sotex supplies its products to 11 countries both within and outside CIS.

“We are pleased to note that, today, the Russian pharmaceutical industry has the opportunity to properly showcase its achievements to the global pharmaceutical community. The implementation of the export potential accumulated by the Russian industrial sector in general and its pharmaceutical industry in particular is a key strategic objective for the economic policy of Russia. The companies like Sotex prove the positive dynamics in the Russian pharmaceutical industry, and it should be seen both by Russian and foreign authorities and businesses,” said Alexey Alyokhin, the Director of the Department of Pharmaceutical and Medical Industry Development at the Russian Ministry of Industry and Trade.