A land plot was allocated for pharmaceutical complex construction near Moscow


The Ministry of Property Relations of the Moscow Region supported the order “On Leasing Without a Tender a Land Plot Held in the State Unrestricted Ownership to Soyuzsnab-Zdorovye Limited Liability Company” issued by the Governor of the Moscow Region A.Yu. Vorobyov.

“The land plot with a surface area of 0.8 hectares located in the urban district of Krasnogorsk was allocated to Soyuzsnab-Zdorovye LLC for implementing a large-scale investment project to build a research and production pharmaceutical complex,” said Andrey Averkiev, the Minister of Property Relations of the Moscow Region.

The activities of facility will be aimed at the research in the area of pharmaceuticals, development and manufacturing of pharmaceutical products and modern biologically active dietary supplements for sports and dietary nutrition. The plans also provide for manufacturing of pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical raw materials for companies that manufacture medicinal products.

The investment project is aimed at developing the research in the area of pharmaceuticals, improving the quality of Russian-made pharmaceutical products, increasing the share of goods exported by the Moscow Region in total exports of the Russian Federation, which is in line with the state goal of import substitution in socially important areas of manufacturing.