CapMan Russia fund acquires a 45% stake in Perm-based Medisorb

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CapMan Russia, a Finnish fund specializing in investments in Russian businesses, acquired a 45% stake in Medisorb, a company based in the city of Perm, reported Vedomosti newspaper.

In an interview with the publication, Vladimir Foteev, the General Director and co-owner of Medisorb, said that the stake in the company was sold in order to raise funds for further development. According to Mr. Foteev, Medisorb plans to begin operations in the area of public procurement and is currently preparing to launch the manufacturing of several medicines from the list of vital and essential drugs, including sevoflurane, an anesthetic, and a drug for HIV treatment. The market launch of sevoflurane is scheduled for 2019.

The company started the construction of a new workshop with three production lines (Line 1 and Line 2 will manufacture solid dosage forms, while the Line 3 will be used for producing liquid dosage forms, including sevoflurane).

Today, the portfolio of Medisorb has a number of generics that are highly demanded in the retail segment, including analgin, paracetamol, meloxicam, mucaltin, bromhexine, and vitamin-mineral complexes for children. In 2016, the revenues of the company amounted to 727.35 million rubles, and the net profit was 90.3 million rubles. According to Alexander Vlasov, a partner of CapMan Russia, the investments of CapMan will allow Medisorb to increase its revenues by several times within 3-5 years.