Belarusian drugs are made from quality substances

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Viktor Shein, the Deputy Director of the Pharmaceutical Industry Department, Head of the Department of Economics and Marketing at the Ministry of Health of Belarus, gave an interview to radio Sputnik Belarus.

Are Belarusian drugs different from their imported analogs, how authentic are the ingredients used for manufacturing the medicines in Belarus?

“There is a view that Belarusian medicinal products are made from poorly purified substances. I can assure you that this is not true. Until recently, the quality issues were raised by our competitors, as we begin to displace them from the market by using the pricing policy. Belarusian drugs are made from the same substances as those used for the medicines of global manufacturers,” said Mr. Shein.

According to Viktor Shein, the pharmacies are interested in selling more expensive drugs, which generate more income, and some doctors recommend imported drugs for their own financial benefit.