Russian vaccine against Ebola is being prepared for shipment to Guinea

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The first stage of shipment of the Russian Ebola vaccine has been completed. According to the Russian Ministry of Health, the vaccine was sent to St. Petersburg in order to prepare it for subsequent shipment to the Republic of Guinea.

The vaccine was developed in N.F.Gamaleya Federal Research Center of Epidemiology and Microbiology of the Ministry of Health of Russia.

The vaccine against Ebola fever has become the world’s first officially registered vaccine approved for clinical use against this disease.

Moreover, the vaccine builds long-term immunity in a vaccinated person and has no serious side effects. The new drug is effective when stored at minus 20 °C, but a medicine, which is currently under development, will maintain its effectiveness at 4 °C.

A group of specialists has already arrived to Guinea and is currently arranging a site for storing the immunobiological medicine. According to Sergey Semikhin, the Head of the Biotech Product Section at N.F. Gamaleya Institute, the medicine was created on a new platform which, in the future, can be used to obtain other vaccines against diseases that are more relevant for Russia, including the flu.

This vaccine is not intended for therapy, but is aimed specifically at disease prevention in humans.