Altai-based enterprises use biotech to manufacture 30 medicinal products

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Altai Krai built a fairly powerful infrastructure to support the development of biotech, including business incubators, a cluster development center, engineering centers, labs, and technology platforms. The development is also facilitated by the existence of specialized research institutes, enterprises manufacturing biotech products, and raw materials base.

The enterprises of biopharmaceutical cluster use biotech to manufacture about 30 medicinal products, diagnostic kits, and preventive medicine products.

“Biologics are increasingly used in the feeding of farm animals. The impetus was given in 2015 with the launch of a pilot project to test the biologics (lactoamilovorin, a probiotic complex made from the strains of spore-forming bacteria of the genus Bacillus) in the feeding of animals. The industrial tests conducted in 11 farms showed that the use of these biologics allows to increase the milk production of cows by an average of 10%, and the average daily live-weight gain of calves by 8%. The enterprises, that took part in the pilot project, continue to collaborate with Prombiotech on a commercial basis. This is a clear case illustrating the practical use of scientific research,” said Mikhail Chmyrev, the Russian Deputy Minister of Agriculture.