Grindex will invest 1 billion rubles in a new plant in the Ulyanovsk region

Grindex will invest more than a billion rubles in a plant for manufacturing the antitumor agents in the Ulyanovsk region, announced Sergey Morozov, the governor of the region.

“Grindex plans to implement a project for full-cycle manufacturing of cytostatic drugs, including the active substances for pharmaceuticals. This project will contribute to further development of the import substitution program. The investments in the project will be more than 1 billion rubles,” said Mr. Morozov.

According to him, the total investment portfolio of the Ulyanovsk region is 208.4 billion rubles and the total number of new jobs expected to be created during the implementation of all projects is about 34 thousand. Mr. Morozov noted that, currently, 66 projects with a total investments of 79.9 billion rubles are in the stage of active implementation.