Nacimbio and Binnopharm will jointly develop and manufacture medicinal products

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National Immunobiological Company, a part of Rostec Corporation, and Binnopharm, a Russian full-cycle pharmaceutical company owned by AFK Sistema, signed an agreement on cooperation in the area of joint development and manufacturing of medicinal products.

The plans for cooperation include joint production of a multicomponent vaccine with an antihepatitis component developed by Binnopharm.

Maryam Khubieva, the CEO of Nacimbio, said, “Nacimbio has been collaborating with Binnopharm for several years under a manufacturing cooperation model for vaccine deliveries used in the National Immunization Schedule. Today, we start a new phase of our partnership in order to transfer the manufacturing of vaccine against hepatitis B developed by Binnopharm to our production facilities. This hepatitis component will be included in the DTP-Hep vaccine and in the new five-component DTP-HepB-Hib vaccine which, among other things, protects against Haemophilus influenzae  type b infection.”