Russian botulinum toxin confirmed its compliance with quality requirements

| By | Drug Manufacturing, Drug Quality Control, Microgen, Nacimbio, Rostec

Relatox, the first and only one Russian-made botulinum toxin manufactured by Nacimbio holding company, a part of Rostec Corporation confirmed its compliance with the requirements of the state expert examination of quality, efficacy and safety of the medicine following its five-year presence in the Russian market.

In March 2017, NPO Microgen, the manufacturer of Relatox, received a new registration certificate along with the inclusion of Relatox in the state register of medicinal products for an indefinite period.

Today, the share of Relatox (in packages) in the Russian market of cosmetics is about 14%. The rest of the market is shared by five foreign analogs officially approved for use in Russia. The analysts estimated that, in aesthetic practice alone, the first Russian-made botulinum toxin was used for more than 250,000 people over the period of 2014-2016.

“This drug is a vivid example of successful import substitution project in the area of aesthetic medicine and neurology. This is the first Russian-made botulinum toxin fully manufactured from Russian raw materials based on unique purification technology and it has a high duration of exposure,” said Kirill Gaidash, acting General Director of NPO Microgen.