“Parallel“ imports into EAEU may cut drug prices by five times

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With the introduction of „parallel“ imports the prices of drugs sold in the Eurasian Economic Union may drop by as much as five times. This assessment was made by Nurlan Aldabergenov, Member of the Board, Minister of the Eurasian Economic Commission on Competition and Antitrust Regulation. The Minister of EEC said that the „parallel“ imports will allow to significantly reduce the prices of many imported goods in the EAEU member states.

The order of the Eurasian Intergovernmental Council on the amendments to the Treaty on the Union in respect of certain types of goods will make it possible to establish the exceptions to the principle of regional exhaustion of trademark rights. As a result, the goods of a particular brand could be imported to the EAEU member states not only by the right holders or their officially authorized distributors, but also by parallel importers.

Nurlan Aldabergenov announced that, in 2017, the main tasks of the Eurasian Economic Commission in the area of antitrust regulation would include defining the list of goods for exceptions to the principle of regional exhaustion of trademark rights, conducting investigations, examining the violations of competition rules in cross-border markets, making amendments to the existing procedures for reviewing the applications, investigating and considering the violations of the general competition rules taking into account the evolving practice of their application.

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