Pharmaceuticals requiring complex synthesis set a promising niche in Russia


It seems like pharmaceutical Russia has already found its niche, at least the most promising national manufacturers get concentrated on development and marketing of highly-tailored medicinal drugs intended for treatment of rare diseases. In addition, growth of the national full-cycle pharmaceutical productions not only increase Russian security, which depends on global pharma, stronger, but save state budget funds spent on procurement of these medicinal drugs. Such examples are already available.

In summer 2016, pharmaceutical company Nativa released the first full-cycle Russian medicinal drug based on tiotropium bromide for therapy of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. Earlier, medicinal preparations with tiotropium bromide as the active agent had been provided to our country from abroad only, and their cost was 30 % higher.

“Full-cycle production is the key to pharmacological independence of the country. Of course, there is no sense to compete with the Asian manufacturers within the price segment. We hold admittedly weak positions here. However, in terms of high-tech pharmaceuticals, we can definitely be quite competitive, I think. Manufacturing from a molecule to the end formulation makes it possible to perform quality control at every stage of the process,” says Alexander Malin, Director General of Nativa LLC. “Pharmaceuticals requiring multistage complex synthesis are those that create a promising niche for Russia.”